Enlighten Management Solutions help leaders looking to gain competitive advantage for their companies and to improve their process operational efficiencies innovate by and through their data. Our data and analytics consulting services are design-led and framework-based, which reduce time to delivery and improves accuracy and impact of the outcomes. Unlike technology led solutions, our services combine both strategic advisory and technology to align business needs with proven and emerging solutions that drive targeted business outcomes.

Data Mining

Dirty data, unstructured data, data that is hard to access – converting large amounts of these “trouble” data into meaningful information is a challenge we can help you solve. We collect raw data, examine and segment them, and deliver it to you in a suitable format so you can collate this information and generate insights.

Data Science

We provide data science services to help our partners find patterns in data and extract relevant insights by using statistical methods. The types of tasks our big data specialists solve in data science include data collection, data processing, building predictive models using machine learning algorithms, and deployment.

Our Approach

Better leverage your existing big data investments and improve your ROI with an end-to-end solution that leverages highly efficient and automated data pipelined to provide real-time, analytics-ready and governed data to your business users. Whether data is within a data lake or legacy application, Enlighten lets you access and manage all your data, big and small, within a single environment.

Modern analytics platform: 3 key capabilities for big data

Intelligent Data Pipelines

Whether it’s Hadoop, NoSQL, Databricks, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery or via an ever-growing ecosystem of new technologies, we can automatically move, consolidate and transform big data from multiple data sources while maintaining lineage.

A Smarter Analytics Experience

Augmented analytics — the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance analytics across the data lifecycle — makes big data accessible to more people by providing insight suggestions, automation, and natural language interaction.

Collaborate and Re-use Data

Big data tools should provide a governed enterprise data catalog, and analytics libraries that enable a centralized “build once, deploy anywhere” environment. This maximizes user collaboration and the reuse of data and applications while IT maintains control.

Benefits of Data Analytics

The importance of big data does not revolve around how much data a company has but how a company utilizes the collected data. We help companies to fetch data from various sources and analyze it to find answers which will enable:

Cost savings

Time reduction

New product development

Better understanding of market conditions