Systems Migration

Managed It services

A future-fit technology foundation is a key enabler of business transformation. Wherever you are on your modernization journey, we help you accelerate business outcomes.

Flexible deployments we can help organizations achieve a better fit between their processes and their business needs, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IT service delivery, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our approach to involves careful planning, effective communication, and ongoing monitoring to ensure that the system remains aligned with organizational goals and objectives.


Enlighten Management helps you end-to-end migration platform that delivers modern requirement for all companies. We are Architected to solve the data migration challenges, it:

·       Quickly and reliably build intent-driven pipelines with a single tool for all design patterns. Available on-premises and across clouds.

·       Automates the process of schema migration to new systems with multi-table updates and ongoing data drift detection  

·       Minimizes the ramp-up time needed on new technologies and easily extend data engineering for more complex migrations 

Enlighten Management abstract away the “how” of implementation so you can focus on the what, who, and where of the data. Start building smart data pipelines for data ingestion across cloud and hybrid architectures today using Enlighten Management. (fix It)


Ensure every component of your office network runs smoothly with Managed IT Services. Have the ability to focus on your core business and not waste time on tools and technology. At Enlighten Management, we take pride in solving your office technology needs. No other IT Service Company can provide reliable, cost effective IT services like we can.

With Managed IT Services from Star Managed Services, you benefit from:

·       Latest Technological Tools

·       Optimized IT Infrastructure

·       Enhanced Security

·       Minimized Production Downtime.