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As business agility leaders we sense and respond to change at speed and scale, to accelerate value creation. As an extension of your organization, we combine our end-to-end capabilities with your expertise and assets to accelerate your digital journey. Our business transformation model focuses on continuous change, optimized operations and tangible outcomes to help you build your future, excute and agility and speed, and operate with quality and efficiency. We can partner with you at any stage of the journey.



We know that the key to any successful project is a solid project management team and the processes they enforce. The right project manager reduces crisis management, reduces duplication of efforts, improves productivity and keeps your projects on track.


A structured approach to change is critical in any major initiative, whether it be an organizational change or large IT implementation. By utilizing the right skills and communication tools, OCM will help you achieve your desired state faster, minimize impacts and reduce unnecessary distractions.


From pure process change to enterprise application implementations, business analysis is a discipline that requires the skills to elicit and document requirements and identify the best solution to meet or exceed the business need.


Strategic direction based on years of experience and technical expertise is integral to all projects we work on. Building strategic roadmaps to guide client efforts can both reduce the cost of later changes and lead clients to continuing success.


  • Organizing around outcomes, not tasks, to ensure the proper focus is maintained.
  • Correcting and improving processes before (potentially) automating them; otherwise, all you’ve done is make the mess run faster.
  • Establishing processes and assigning ownership lest the work and improvements simply drift away – and they will, as human nature takes over and the momentum peters out.
  • Standardizing processes across the enterprise so they can be more readily understood and managed, errors reduced, and risks mitigated.
  • Enabling continuous change so the improvements can be extended and propagated over time.
  • Improving existing processes, rather than building radically new or “perfect” ones, because that can take so long as to erode or negate any gains achieved.


Enlighten Management offers Experienced assessors with ITSM (IT Service Management) subject matter expertise; able to asses all IT processes throughout your companies infrastructure.

Enlighten Management’ assessors have the breadth of process best practice experience and perspective to provide insight and foresight, usually not found with an onsite team.

We are able to transition, relatively fast, between assessment and recommendations as well as liaise through the transition process.

A more streamlined set of IT processes can increase company productivity as well as cut costs


Adoption Services is a suite of solutions, both products and features, that provide user support and critical information at the anticipated time of need. Such services include embedded help and guides that teach users how interact with the UI pages that they are looking at in their instance.

Boost productivity during change.

Guide employees and customers to master software change within the flow of work.

Maximize the impact of change.

Measure and drive user experiences across the tech stack to meet your business goals.

Gain full visibility into user journeys.

Understand where your change efforts are getting stuck with visibility across the tech stack into user productivity and software usage.